Custom Paint Jobs – It Does not Start with the Paint Gun

It has produced a great deal of folks enthusiastic about custom painting. Nevertheless, the same rule put on still and then applies these days, which is actually, it doesn’t begin with the color gun, it starts off with the clothes mitt.

As a collision repair teacher, I see the exact same thing many instances when it come to painting an automobile. Pupils have a tendency to hurry though the preparation phase and then expect exceptional end results. Painting is actually an art form and it does require practice.

Here’s a good example that i get the students of mine when I’m attempting to convey this point. Let us say we didn’t effectively wash and cleanse the vehicle. Finally, we slap a small tape and paper to cover up it off. In case Chip Foose (very understand for his painting abilities) arrived in and painted the automobile, exactly how would it switch out? Well, I suppose you can say it will look horrible. The color would most likely peel later as a result of a loss of adhesion. This’s akin to spending 1dolar1 200,000 bucks creating a good house on top of a terrible foundation. Even in case you make use of the very best components to built the home, it is going to fall apart if the foundation isn’t correct. Thus, assuring you’ve a great foundation is essential before developing a house, just love having a properly prepped automobile before painting it.

I know I worry the point, though it’s commonly ignored. So get your laundry mitt out and spend additional time washing the automobile before starting repairs. Next, take the time of yours and guarantee all of the surface area to be painted is actually sanded so the top covering will properly adhere. Today you are able to begin spraying the automobile. Spend eighty % of the time of yours and work turning into a great prepper and twenty % of your time mastering your spraying strategies. This’s what it takes to create custom paint jobs which will look fantastic and turn heads.